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#166 Warp Records 30th Anniversary (11th August 2019)


Buckle up! It's time for another theme show... To celebrate 30 years at the cutting edge of music, we've put together (with the help of friends and well-wishers) a 2 hour tribute to Warp Records.

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#165 Paul's Boutique (4th August 2019)


You know us.. we love an anniversary that makes us feel super old. This week it's the turn of Paul's Boutique by The Beastie Boys. Don't worry, we've not gone in too deep on this, just picked some samples, versions, inspiros and oddities.

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#164 TNT Goes To Space (21st July 2019)


You may have noticed it's been 50 years since the 1st moon landing. We thought we'd do a space themed show, just like every other radio show out there! We tried to make ours a tad different though, picking some lesser known cuts from lesser known artists.

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#163 A (Sort of) Solo Steve Show (14th July 2019)


So it was touch and go if the two of us were gonna be in the studio for this show. So Steve picked the songs and Paul turned up.

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#160 Dr. John Tribute (16th June 2019)


Back after a few weeks off, it's a show of 2 halves. Part One is a tribute and tip of the hat to Dr John. Part Two is the usual TNT gold!

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Repeat of #47 Lullabies to Paralyse: Original Soundtrack Special (27th Oct 2016)


From a while back, it's one of Powlo's one hour solo outings the Thursday night days. Puttin’ it back up as it’s award season. Lower the lights, reach for the headphones...

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#139 Top of the Pops! (16th December 2018)


We often get told "the stuff you play is weird, play some normal music". Well, your prayers have been answered! This week we're playing nothin' but songs that have made it onto the UK Top 40.

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#138 Long Songs (2nd December 2018)


Another week, another theme! This time it's a welcome return to long songs. The benchmark for "Long" was anything over 9 minutes. Despite the restrictions, we still managed to get a good deal of variety in there, as well as 2 listener requests!

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Black Gold #14 - Global Sounds (17th October 2018)§§


Black Gold #14 - Global Sounds (17th October 2018)§§

Last night we didn't do a show but we can't leave you on a Monday with no music! This is our sister show where we get a chance to play records and showoff our mad skillz on the wheels of steel at UK Mondo.

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#134 Twin Spins (28th October 2018)


Fans of the show will know how much we love a themed edition! Great news, here is one of those shows. 120(ish) minutes of some of the best twin-spins on record. The holy grail of the DJ that spins vinyl as it'll mean no wasted weight in the bag.

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