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#144 with Neil's WWOZ Twin Spin guest mix (20th January 2019)


It's the 1st guest mix of the year and to be honest we can't think of a better person to hand over the Sheffield Live airwaves to. From WWOZ on a Tuesday night, its the host of The 50's Rhythm 7 Blues Show, Neil Pelligrin.

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#143 A Regular Show! (13th January 2019)


"Finally!!!" the crowds cheer as The Night Train returns with a normal show. No theme, no tenuous links, just 120 minutes of music that we've been listening to.

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#142 Best of 2018, Part 2 (6th Janurary 2019)


1st show of the new year... a look backwards to some more heat from 2018. Music was picked by us and some other folks that were kind enough to get in touch. This week it's a bit more hip hop and jazz heavy.

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#141 Best of 2018, Part 1 (30th December 2018)


Here's part 1 of our end of year wrap-up. You've probably heard some or all of these on the show at some point. We've got part 2 coming next weekend, get in touch if you've got something you want played.

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#140 Christmas Special (23rd December 2018)


Last year we didn't manage it so this year we've pulled out all the stops for a TNT Christmas spectacular. 120 minutes of songs with a festive lilt. Soundtrack the eating of sprouts with annoying family members with our festive picks.

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#139 Top of the Pops! (16th December 2018)


We often get told "the stuff you play is weird, play some normal music". Well, your prayers have been answered! This week we're playing nothin' but songs that have made it onto the UK Top 40.

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#138 Long Songs (2nd December 2018)


Another week, another theme! This time it's a welcome return to long songs. The benchmark for "Long" was anything over 9 minutes. Despite the restrictions, we still managed to get a good deal of variety in there, as well as 2 listener requests!

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Black Gold #14 - Global Sounds (17th October 2018)§§


Black Gold #14 - Global Sounds (17th October 2018)§§

Last night we didn't do a show but we can't leave you on a Monday with no music! This is our sister show where we get a chance to play records and showoff our mad skillz on the wheels of steel at UK Mondo.

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#136 with Georgia Soul guest mix (11th November 2018)


Show #136 comes with an excellent guest mix by the brains behind the (sadly now defunct) Georgia Soul Recordings, Agent45. The rest of the show has a blend of old & new, some beats & some swirls. Tales from the weekend and a confrontational presenter.

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#135 3rd Birthday Night & Train Songs (4th November 2018)


3 years?!? Where does the time go? This year we've mixed it up a bit and it's an hour of "Night" songs followed by an hour of "Train" songs. Sometimes we amaze ourselves with our ideas!

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