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#158 with DJ Dust Bucket (19th May 2019)


Show 158 in which we have microphone nonsense, gig going and a guest mix from DJ Dust Bucket! We will be uploading this mix clean later in the week for when you wanna mainline the Dj Dust Bucket heat.

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#155 with Mumbalist guest mix (28th April 2019)


This week is the welcome return of a guest mix! It's from an old friend, Mumblist from the Room 303 crew. Those of you from Sheffield may remember their incredible nights in the Red House and Harley.

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#153 Massive Attack XX1 Warm Up (14th April 2019)


The question to "What would TNT play if they were warming up for Massive Attack?" can finally be answered! 120 minutes of what we think would get you in the mood for a Massive Attack show.

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#150 Freakouts Vol.6 (10th March 2019)


We've been harping on about this show for weeks... it's the return of the odd-ball show! 120 minutes of some of the oddest music we've been listening to. We've even got a listener request! Keep an ear out for the sound of a seal sleep-talking.

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#149 Anniversaries Galore (3rd March 2019)


Every now and again there's a week where it seems that loads of great music was released. This was one of those weeks. There is some new(ish) stuff in there and some pretty slick chat, which shocked both of us.

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Repeat of #47 Lullabies to Paralyse: Original Soundtrack Special (27th Oct 2016)


From a while back, it's one of Powlo's one hour solo outings the Thursday night days. Puttin’ it back up as it’s award season. Lower the lights, reach for the headphones...

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#142 Best of 2018, Part 2 (6th Janurary 2019)


1st show of the new year... a look backwards to some more heat from 2018. Music was picked by us and some other folks that were kind enough to get in touch. This week it's a bit more hip hop and jazz heavy.

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#141 Best of 2018, Part 1 (30th December 2018)


Here's part 1 of our end of year wrap-up. You've probably heard some or all of these on the show at some point. We've got part 2 coming next weekend, get in touch if you've got something you want played.

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#139 Top of the Pops! (16th December 2018)


We often get told "the stuff you play is weird, play some normal music". Well, your prayers have been answered! This week we're playing nothin' but songs that have made it onto the UK Top 40.

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#138 Long Songs (2nd December 2018)


Another week, another theme! This time it's a welcome return to long songs. The benchmark for "Long" was anything over 9 minutes. Despite the restrictions, we still managed to get a good deal of variety in there, as well as 2 listener requests!

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