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#176 with Agent45 Gospel guest mix (8th December 2019)


This show we were blessed with an all gospel mix from Agent45! There's some great waffle from us and updates of what we've been up to since the last show.

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#175 Weirdo Purge Vol.7 (17th November 2019)


Apologies for taking a week off. We know there were a few of you looking forward to this one. It's another oddballs show. 120 minutes of somewhat challenging music. As promised, there are drones, laments, spoken word, harsh electronica, post rock and more

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#174 TNT 4th Birthday (3rd November 2019)


We're as surprised as you are... has it really been 4 years since we were under attack in the studio on that 1st show?!? My, how time flies. Anyway, here's 2 hours of music that is somehow "4" themed. Enjoy. It's pretty good, even if we say so ourselves.

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#173 with Jackie Hoodoo guest mix (27th October 2019)


We've got a guest mix this week! Big news. It's from LA... that's even bigger news. Selector extraordinaire Jackie Hoodoo has given us a rippin' 30 minutes of music from across the board.

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#172 (20th October 2019)


Somehow, this show turned out to be a bit of a Colemine Records special. It wasn't planned... very little is on this show...

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#171 (29th September 2019)


After a week off, we're back in full effect with a normal show. It's been a long day at work so we can't think of something witty to explain what this week's show is like. It does start off with a long psych jam, which is ace.

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#170 Back In The Saddle (15th Sept 2019)


With both of us back in the studio, it's time to down to business. 120 minutes of the best music you'll hear this side of Christmas. Hear music pinched from other shows, ear worms from the last week and long psychedelic cuts from lawd knows when.

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#169 The return of "Steve's Fancy Coloured Vinyl" Show! (8th September 2019)


While Paul was away on annual Leeds Beer Festival manoeuvres, Steve took the reigns to deliver the show that nobody (except him) wants! All coloured vinyl, all night long!

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#168 Carnival Comedown (1st September 2019)


We're back! After our adventures in London for Notting Hill Carnival to present 2 hours of music from across the globe and throughout the ages. We attempt some chat on this one to regale you with anecdotes that are radio friendly.

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#167 (18th August 2019)


Well, the hot streak had to end eventually so this week it was back to the usual format for the 1st time in a while! Usual mix of old stuff, new stuff, listener requested stuff, drone-y stuff, soul-y stuff and most points in-between.

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